We affirm the historic and orthodox Christian faith. We believe that God has revealed himself through the Holy and Inspired Scriptures. We believe that God has invited us to be rooted in Him and His desires to bring wholeness and peace towards others, towards the earth, towards Himself and within ourselves.


We affirm the necessity of practices that provide us with the eyes to see and the ears to hear God in the everyday moments of our lives. We believe in engaging in spiritual disciplines that allow us to see, listen, taste and touch the reality of God.


We affirm our role, as God's people, to serve and bless others. The Church as the body of Jesus is to follow His example and share his heart for others in our broken and fragmented world. We believe in following Jesus towards those who are suffering and facing injustice and living out the redemptive and transformative message of hope that is found in Jesus.


We affirm that everyone bears God's image. Through sharing in each other's sufferings and celebrations, loving and forgiving one another, we can journey forward. We were made for community and within loving relationships, God's truth takes on flesh and blood, and we are not alone. We believe that together through Jesus we can become more than we our by ourselves.

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Invaded, Exiled Estranged
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Have you ever felt exiled? Like you had no where to go – no place to belong? Have you every had a family member cut ties with you or has a sudden event ever left you feeling like the rug … Read More

Fallen is Virgin Israel – the Assyrian Exile
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Read Amos 5:18-25 and 2 Kings 17 Woe to you who long     for the day of the Lord! Why do you long for the day of the Lord?     That day will be darkness, not light. 19 It will be as though a man fled … Read More

Elijah and Elisha From the Outside In
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Read: 1 Kings 17-18 and 2 Kings 5 Should the Kings of Israel exalt themselves to the seat of Pharaoh we should expect God to send another Moses. There should be fire and plagues and voice that condemns the ruler … Read More