Awaken is a community of people SENT to be known by love, live by faith, and be a voice of hope to the community of Bowness and beyond.


Awaken is a community. We are people who have come together with our imperfections, our issues, our scars in the hopes that together with God we can become something more than we are by ourselves. Awaken desires to cultivate its own authentic expression of God's church. We love life and the organic nature of relationships and people and we rely on everyone who is a part of our community to help us create this expression. Awaken is a work in progress just as we are. We have lots to learn and need lots of grace as we explore what it means to be God's church in the neighbourhood of Bowness. Awaken understands that there is a deep history behind the church and therefore it values the Christian calendar and the rhythms and celebrations of the seasons. Awaken does not exist for itself. It understands the 'missio dei' (the mission of God) to bring the good news of Jesus to all but also to bring mercy and reconciliation to those in need. Awaken is a growing and dynamic community and is open for everyone to explore the Christian faith and understand what it means to follow Jesus. Care to journey?