Awaken is a community of people SENT to be known by love, live by faith, and be a voice of hope to the community of Bowness and beyond.


Awaken is a parish church in the neighbourhood of Bowness. We are people who have chosen to come together with all of our hopeful and fearful selves,  believing that each member of this community comes with gifts and challenges for us to navigate together. We believe that working through the joys and difficulties of community life is part of what it means to be Christian.  Awaken desires to be authentic and intentional in our faith. We are ever-growing in our reconciliation within ourselves, with God, one another, and the hurting world we all call home. We have lots to learn and need lots of grace as we explore what it means to be God's church in the neighbourhood of Bowness. Awaken has found a great sense of belonging within the traditional Christian calendar and the rhythms and celebrations of the Christian liturgy. We desire to daily participate in the 'missio dei' (the mission of God) to cultivate and witness God's Shalom in Bowness and beyond.  Awaken is a growing and dynamic community and all are welcome to explore the way of Christ in this place.


Awaken Church is affiliated with the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada and you can find our shared statement of faith here: