Some Awakeners have been meeting to discuss the ways we connect over zoom as a church community. One of the ideas that has come from the dialogue is that although we are meeting in our personal lives over zoom all the time and we all have zoom fatigue and pandemic fatigue, there is something unique and special about Zoom Church. We would like to encourage you all to have your video on to create intentional space. We see our time on Zoom as a sacred gathering where believers come together to be in community, worship together, and share life. We ask you to reflect on ways that you can make this space sacred and separate from other online encounters, in ways that are meaningful for you. Make a special cup of tea, create a sacred space in your home, light a candle, dress up, or set out some special decor. You know what’s best for you and your family, but please define this as a gathering that is set aside within your week. We understand if you can’t have your camera on or if Zoom fatigue is setting in, but we’d like for this to become the norm for these gatherings. We look forward to seeing you again on Sunday! (As a helpful tip, consider using the “hide self view” feature so you aren’t seeing your own image during the service; this can help offset Zoom fatigue.)” We are looking forward to investing in our space for more meaningful gatherings in 2021!

Zoom Invite:
Sunday Service 4pm

We currently meet in person and on Zoom every week. In an attempt to connect our community meeting online and our community meeting in person, those with their camera on on Zoom can be seen by those in person in the room. In accordance to current COVID protocols, everyone attending in person will be wearing masks whenever inside, except when taking communion.