Philippians – Following the Example of Jesus

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Paul has set his life as a paradigm for the Philippian church to emulate. If the church is going to stand firm in the midst of a culture to which it is the alternative, then unity will need to be one of their hallmarks. In this section Paul magnifies his appeal for the church to “live a life worthy of the gospel” by surpassing his own example and calls for the people to follow the example of Jesus.

Not only does call us to live be gospel people, but he gives us the will and the ability to do it. SINCE we have been given new life in Christ, THEREFORE we ought to follow the example of Christ.

This week we will look at one of the most known and analyzed passages in the New Testament.

Read Philippians 2:1-11

Reflect on your initial/current understanding of the passage. Does anything stand out to you that you may not have previously considered? How might God be calling you to be renewed/changed through this description of the example of Christ?

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