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Podcast [ACTS] Ep. 2 : the Kin-dom of Christ and the House of Commons

In this episode, Nikayla interviews some of the members of a Christian intentional community that existed in Bowness for 9 years. Nikayla asks Megan, Steph, and Lee about what inspired them, what was difficult, and where they saw God. There was a lot of laughter and a few tears as we reflected on how incredibly difficult it is to be a family of God that practices radical non-violent hospitality in a neighborhood like Bowness. It turns out, they found Jesus in the lost and the vulnerable and Steph even went as far as to call it … magical.

If you’re interested in expressions of community living, our parish church in Bowness is always interested in new and creative ways of living in community together from co-housing to co-neighbouring and we are all simultaneously afraid and inspired by the call of Jesus to be a new and peculiar people in this place.

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