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Podcast [ACTS] Ep. 3 : Marriage, Money and Power

“We don’t really need the church, because we have each other!” – Ananias and Saphira, probably

When the local church makes marriage the end-goal of discipleship instead of an act of worship it becomes an ‘energy draining vortex that seeks to capture all our imaginative capacity for intimacy’ (Willie James Jennings). What if the marriage we celebrated most was the marriage of heaven and earth found in the local church community? Imagine the sense of belonging, safety, vulnerability, intimacy! It’d be a revolution and I’ll tell ya what — a lot of folks wouldn’t like it. Listen to Nikayla unpack the Ananias and Saphira (one of the only married people mentioned in the NT) story and get ready for the single people in the community to call the Apostles out on their hypocrisy in Acts 6.

Let’s be a Church that pours love and welcome and time and treasures and talents INTO the Church instead of staying safely back to watch and only show up when we think we need to (ought to?) or when we think the church has something to give to us.

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