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The Awaken Board

One half of Awaken's essential leadership team is the Awaken Board. The role of the Board at Awaken is to hold the vision of our church, and imagine what the future of Awaken will hold. Currently sitting on the Board at Awaken are Michelle Edworthy (chairperson), Nadine Hartley (treasurer), Mike Poettcker, and Kara Harvey.

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Awaken Board Update - May 16, 2024

As you know, our leadership has been seriously considering Justin Bills for the role of interim lead pastor in this time of transition. Many of you had the opportunity to meet Justin in recent weeks and were invited to attend the board meeting Tuesday night to share your thoughts prior to his hiring. 
Monday evening, Justin withdrew his name from the hiring process. In light of his recent experience with lead pastoring and exiting a church, he felt that he was not yet ready to take on this role at Awaken. We were surprised and disappointed by Justin’s withdrawal from the process, but affirm his choice. We are grateful for Justin’s honesty and foresight. 
Beloved church family, we know that we need a leader–and therein lies our disappointment. We will continue to faithfully search for the person who can shepherd us through this time of transition. At the same time, our leadership team is hopeful and excited for this new season that Awaken is moving into. We believe so deeply in our church family! 
In the weeks to come, we will work hard to communicate openly with you about changes that are taking place in the midst of this transitional period of Awaken life. We also ask that you, as a church family, hold our plans loosely as we roll with the punches and that you embrace flexibility as certain doors close and others open in this complex discernment journey. 
Last but not least, we have the joy of being a congregational church, which means that your thoughts and discernment are a critical part of how we move forward as a community. Our board meetings take place the second Tuesday of every month, and you are truly invited: come share your concerns, ask questions, and be “in the know” about what is taking place at Awaken. We would be delighted to host you. The board can also be reached through email, if that is easier for you, at If you are in need of encouragement or prayer, our elders are here for you and can be reached at
In closing, we invite you to reflect on the words of John O’Donohue, who once wrote, “I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding”. Awaken, may we hold together like a river, bound by trust and love and faith, all the while surprised by the unfolding of an unknown future. We invite you, beloved church family, to trust that the God who has been faithful to bring goodness to Awaken in the past, will surely bring goodness and life to our future, too. 


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