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LGBTQ Resource Guide

Books and Documents

Transforming: The Bible and the Lives of Transgender Christians by Austen Hartke

An introduction to transgender issues and language, providing stories of both biblical characters and real-life narratives from transgender Christians

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Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays vs Christians Debate by Justin Lee

A memoir with practical guidance for all committed Christians who wonder how to relate to gay friends or family members--or who struggle with their own sexuality. Demonstrating that people of faith on both sides of the debate can respect, learn from, and love one another.

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Calling the Rainbow Nation Home: A Story of Acceptance and Affirmation by E T Sundby

Simple to understand, yet rooted in spiritual truth, Calling the Rainbow Nation Home has the potential to heal the battered souls of the Christians who are struggling to reconcile their homosexuality with their faith and to heal their relationships with those who love them and want to understand.

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Unfair: Christians and the LGBT Question by John Shore

Heart-wrenching and inspiring personal letters from gay people telling what it's like to grow up, and live, both gay and Christian. The book's opening essay, "Taking God at His Word: The Bible and Homosexuality," is a must-read for anyone seeking clarity on the relationship between the Bible, Christianity, and LGBT people

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Embracing the Journey: A Christian Parents Blueprint to Loving Your LGBTQ Child by Greg and Lynn MacDonald with Beth Jusino

This book follows the McDonald family’s journey over the next twenty years after their son comes out as gay, from a place of grief to a place of gratitude and acceptance that led the McDonalds to start one of the first Christian ministries for parents of LGBTQ children. Based on their experience from counselling and coaching hundreds of struggling Christian parents, they offer tools for understanding your own emotional patterns and spiritual challenges.

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The Peace Seeker: One Woman's Battle in the Church’s War on Homosexuality by Susan E. Gilmore

Susan E. Gilmore opens up about her struggle to reconcile her sexual identity with the teachings of the Christian church. Her nearly thirty-year search for self-acceptance and understanding, a story of deep pain and devotion, is resolved only when she is prompted to investigate biblical passages used to condemn homosexuality as a sin. Whether you are interested in gay issues, religion, biblical scholarship, or human rights, this book will expand your awareness.

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Walking the Bridgeless Canyon: Repairing the Breach Between the Chruch and the LGBT Community by Kathy Baldock

Baldock uncovers the historical, cultural, medical, and political filters of discrimination through which the LGBT community is seen. With the foundation firmly established, she examines the most controversial filter of all: what the Bible says about same-sex behaviour. Ten years of research, as well as relationships with thousands of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people, led to answering important questions. A book for those who are wondering how they might enter into productive and respectful conversations about the intersection of faith and sexual orientation or gender identity, this book offers the resources and tools needed to make informed and wise, Christ-centered choices.

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"How To Be Clear: A Resource for Church Leaders" By Church Clarity

A resource for Church leaders created by Church Clarity on how to be clear with their affirming policies

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God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships by Matthew Vines

A compelling interpretation of key biblical texts about same-sex relations, it is also the story of a young man navigating relationships with his family, his hometown church, and the Christian church at large as he expresses what it means to be a faithful gay Christian

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Affirming: A Memoir of Faith, Sexuality, and Staying in the Church by Sally Gray

In this deeply personal memoir, Sally traces the experiences, conversations, and scriptural reading that culminated in her seeing her sexuality as something that made sense within the context of her faith—not outside or in opposition to it.

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Clobber the Passages: Seven Deadly Verses by Rev Mel White

For centuries, evangelicals who read the Bible literally have misused seven verses to convince the world that homosexuality is a sin and homosexuals are sinners. Mel White blows away that dark cloud by celebrating the truth learned from America’s leading mental and physical health professionals. White calls literalists to stop accusing LGBTQ+ people falsely and to start celebrating what they have achieved throughout history in music, science, athletics, politics, the arts, education, literature, the military, parenting, and even religion. Clobber the Passages presents LGBTQ+ people in a healthy new light and leaves that dark cloud of guilt and shame over the evangelical literalists where it belongs.

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The Gospel of Inclusion: A Christian Case for LGBT+ Inclusion in the Church by Brandan J. Robertson

Pastor and public theologian Brandan Robertson offers a compelling assessment of the biblical texts, cultural context, and modern social movements to suggest that the entire thrust of the Christian gospel calls the church toward the deconstruction of all oppressive systems and structures and towards the creation of a world that celebrates the full spectrum of human diversity as a reflection of God’s creative intention.

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Openly gay, Openly Christian: How the Bible Really is Gay Friendly by Rev. Samuel Kader

The Bible really is gay-friendly and affirming, says Rev. Samuel Kader as he shows in his ground-breaking book what lessons can be learned from Scripture, history, and experience. Here is direct language we find what is really contained in the Bible regarding homosexuality and gay relationships, and the results are truly surprising.

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Bulletproof Faith: A Spiritual Survival Guide for Gay and Lesbian Christians by Candace Chellew Hodge

This thoughtful, practical guide shows readers a way through the minefield of condemnation and persecution faced by gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Christians and helps foster a faith that is bulletproof―impervious to attacks, yet loving and savvy in its approach. Bulletproof Faith is filled with useful insights and proven spiritual practices that deflect attacks and enhance and strengthen faith by turning attacks into opportunities for spiritual growth.

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Still Stace: My Gay Christian Coming-of-Age Story - An Illustrated Memoir by Stacey Chomiak

Chomiaks personal story of her teenage and young adult years: of heartbreak, family conflict, trying to become ex-gay, wrestling with her faith, and finding love. Uncovering happiness and joy while surrounded by the loneliness of a world that actively excludes her seems insurmountable. Until she learns to love her full self. Then the possibility of being both gay and Christian seems not just possible, but the best answer of all.

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"LGBTQIA+ Inclusion in the Church, Frequently Asked Questions" by Compassion, Peace, & Justice + Theology, Formation and evangelism PC(USA)

A series of questions and answers for LGBTQ individuals and Christian’s in general.

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Church Clarity

A database of individual churches and their stance and policies on the LGBTQ community and Women in leadership.

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Generous Space Ministries

A website with a variety of different purchasable and free materials including stories from LGBTQ+ Christians, films and videos on embracing LGBTQ+ individuals and becoming an affirming church, resources for parents of LGBTQ+ children, and teaching materials, and books.

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Blue Babies Pink Plus

Blue Babies Pink Plus is an online resource from B. T. Harman including 7 digital resourced for the faith and sexuality converasation. His story, a resource guide, how to love LGBT family and friends, videos for parents, and LGBTQ individuals.

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Affirming Connections

Strengthens and amplifies affirming voices and actions of fully inclusive faith and spiritual communities in Alberta.

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Covenant Network of Presbyterians Resource Page 

Links to Worship materials, curriculum, essays, articles, videos, and outside sources that will be useful for congregations, church leaders, and LGBTQIA people.

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Podcasts and Videos

Small Town, Big Impact: Stories and Strategies from the Affirming Journey

Stories and strategies from Affirming leaders who have gone on the affirming journey with their faith community. Conversations on what it is like, how it started, the roadblocks, and the impact of their work.

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Theological Foundations for Affirmation with Austen Hartke

A Virtual presentation by Author or Transforming: The Bible and the Lives of Transgender Christians, Austen Hartke.

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Affirming PIE Day video

A video explaining what it means to be affirming in the Church, using the acronym PIE (Public, Intentional, Explicit)

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Blue Babies Pink Podcast 

A podcast version of his memoir. Brett Trapp kept a journal for 9 years of thoughts on being gay and Christian, in 2016 he started publishing a Gossip Guide to his sexuality and his story.

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