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Advent Reflections

Awaken we extend to you an invitation for us to journey together daily during the advent season through thoughtful Biblical reflections by Laurel Archer.

Our prayer:

[quote style=”full”] Lord Jesus, as we turn toward Christmas, turn our hearts toward you. Amen. [/quote]

About Laurel:

I’m originally from Alberta, but now live in Langley BC. I am married to John and I have two great kids: Caleb and Emma.

I’ve worked in some great places, being formed and shaped by wonderful people, but as life has changed, priorities have changed as well.  Now, largely my energies are directed toward my children (who see the world through the lens of Autism) and my husband John, as he runs a non-profit organization called Millennium.  There is always time for reading and when I really need to escape, a little beach combing.

Here is a link to her tumblr page titled Towards Christmas that we will be reposting from:

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